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Product Management

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Team: Product Management

Location: Ha Noi

Salary: Negotiable

What will you do?

About Scalops:

  • Team Scalops is a core backend team with a mission to ensure a scalable and stable software system. Joining the team, you will be mentored and guided directly by our experienced CTO and outstanding senior developers. Scalops developers take charge of helping other teams to deliver new features as quickly and simply as possible. 

Exciting challenges await:

  • Manage a team of talented developers to build task with requirements from product designer
  • Design backend services, write document and help development team implement them
  • Setup & adopt new workflow for dev team
  • Make sure software are being deployed correctly without any bugs on our cloud servers
  • Evolving our current architecture with service orientation in mind
  • Build a horizontal scalable microservice system that have the ability to serve hundred of millions visitors per day
  • Decentralizing existing product systems to multiple cloud providers.
  • Understand in a deep way how technologies (that we use) work
  • Deploying existing systems with customers in different regions. restricted areas (China - ICP)
  • Constantly learning, deeply understanding new technologies, and providing technology solutions to solve real problems of tech infrastructure.
  • Build development culture for the whole tech team
  • Apply zero trust security model 

What will you do:

  • Works with high performance, low latency system on the cloud
  • Build up a horizontal scalable system that can easily scale to multi-cloud environments
  • Development of technology products, build an in-house microservice framework for teams to build up their applications
  • Apply new technologies to core frameworks and products
  • Analyze and develop services, systems, APIs for system integration.
  • Participate in maintenance and upgrade of existing technology products and services to ensure stable performance of the product.
  • Automate and improve monitoring systems, CICD...
  • Deploy and apply new technologies to provide solutions to execution problems
  • Detect and prevent company attacks (with master opinion and without master opinion) from inside and outside the company


  • Long background in IT and software development.
  • Experienced with managing development developer.
  • Experience in project estimation, proposal preparation and risk management
  • Proficient in at least one of the following languages: Golang, Java, PHP, Python, Javascript, Ruby, Git ...(Unlimited programming language, welcome all candidates who want to do technology to use at OCG).
  • Knowledgeable about software engineering, microservice.
  • Knowledge and experience in database (sql + nosql) is an advantage.
  • Candidates with experience building large-scale web applications are preferred.
  • Have a desire to learn new techniques, build products, apply at a large scale.
  • Eager to learn new languages and technologies to solve problems.
  • Good reading comprehension of specialized English documents.


  • Golang/PHP/High performance, High availability in-house microservice platform.
  • Vue.js / jQuery / NodeJS / ES6.PHP / Symfony2 / MVC frameworks.
  • RabbitMQ/ KafkaMysqlRedis / ElasticSearch / MongoDB.NIX.
  • Java, Scala / Spark / Hadoop / HBase.
  • Google Cloud Platform, DigitalOcean, BigQuery, Amazon S3.
  • Scikit Learn, Tensorflow, word2vec…and many other ML/AI technologies.
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